About the people you
will be seeing
We are proud to be a family run business.  Hickory Roasters consists of myself and my
husband as owners, along with my brother-in law and niece.  You will probably even see our 1
year-old son feeding the fish in our small fish bowl at the front, which is his "job".  UPDATE:
days off from school, he has graduated from bus boy to cashier! Not long til he's running the
UPDATED UPDATE: the child is getting older and doesn't like to help out around the
restaurant unless he is trying to earn money to buy something in particular, lazy bum!  :-)

We took over ownership of the long established Rolling Meadows restaurant in June of 2007.  
We quickly learned that many of the patrons are die hard regulars, which only re-enforced our
dedication to maintaining the high quality items that previous owner, Michael Klein, took to
heart.  This is pretty easy to do as my brother-in law, Raul, has worked hard at making
everything from scratch for the past 1
7 years.  

My husband and I met while working at a local Woodfield Mall restaurant in 1998 where he was
the Assistant Kitchen manager and I was the General Manager.  (Coincidentally, the owner of
that restaurant was the original owner of Hickory Roasters, John Grivas of John's Garage.)  I
have been in the restaurant business in many facets since 1988 and have always been drawn
back to it, whether I was in college or working what many in the restaurant industry refer to as a
"real job".  I feel that is was inevitable that we were to purchase our own place and I am
pleased that is was Hickory Roasters.  

Hickory Roasters has been here for 2
3 years and has built up a very loyal following,I have even
had one gentleman tell me that after living in Atlanta and Indianapolis, he was happy to be back
in Cook County as he wasn't able to find chicken as good as ours in either of those cities.  I am
very thankful for our "regulars" because as referral of us to others has been tremendous.  Not
only that, but I am very pleased to get to know each of them a little better every time they are in.   
Of all my restaurant jobs, I have to say that I truly enjoy talking to our regulars and that the loyalty
of the customers is one of the greatest compliments that we could receive.  Good, friendly
service and great food is the best advertisement.

Our goal is to greet everyone that walks through our doors with a smile on our faces and the
highest quality, most flavorful food possible, which will put a smile on your faces when you
leave.  We look forward to seeing you soon and if you have any questions, please feel free to
contact us.  Thank you for checking us out!!!

Hope to meet you soon!!

Valerie and Ignacio Camacho (and Adrian!)
About Us