Having a Get-together?  Special Occasion?   We've got what
you need....
Whether you are having a small informal get-together or a grand event, we can supply you with
what you need to get everyone fed.  Take a look at our Party Pack selection and give us a call to
set up what you are looking for.  All party packs will be made up of the same fresh side dish
options as offered daily.  If you are looking for something special, please let us know and we
will do our best to accommodate you.  Given enough notice, we would be able to offer our
"Special" items for you also.  
Party Pack #1
5 whole hickory roasted chicken and 8 pints of side dishes (enough to for 10 people).       $67.00

Party Pack #2
10 whole hickory roasted chickens and 16 pints of side dishes (For 20 people)                 $130.00

Party Pack #3
15 whole hickory roasted chickens and 24 pints of side dishes (For 30 people)                $195.00

Party Pack #4
20 whole hickory roasted chickens and 32 pints of side dishes (For 40 people)                $255.00

Party Pack #5
5 Slabs of our hickory roasted BBQ ribs and 8 pints of side dishes (for 10 people)             $99.95

For additional variety, Add-A-Slab (or more) of our Hickory Smoked BBQ Ribs to your Party Pack
for only $15.95 per slab.

***Please allow 4 hours notice for Party Pack orders or for chicken only orders for more than 4
chickens.  It would be greatly appreciated.***         
Party Packs for
Gatherings and
Friday Fish Specials

Hand-breaded Deep Fried Ocean
served with choice of 2 sides and & corn
Grilled Yellow Fin
served with choice of 2 side dishes
Grilled 8 oz. Salmon or
served with choice of 2 side dishes
Some of our "Daily" Specials (call
ahead to see what is offered today!!!)

Big Mike Sandwich (sliced turkey, cole slaw
and pico de gallo on a kaiser roll).  This is a
common favorite for our "regulars"
1/2 BBQ Chicken (VERY popular!)
Chicken Taco Salad (flour taco shell filled
with lettuce, tomato, black olive, cheddar cheese,
sour cream and fresh made guacamole with our
specially seasoned chicken)
Half Duck (hickory roasted like our
chicken for that special flavor)  Offered
every Thursday!!
Hickory Roasters Special Order Party
(serving 10 people)

Pot Roast....our famous "melt in your mouth" pot roast served
with gravy and choice of 8 pint side dishes....$94.95

Turkey Breast....juicy slices of boneless turkey breast,
served with gravy and choice of 8 pint side dishes....$74.00

**Please order at least 48 hours in advance to ensure
**More than 10 people, no problem!  Let us know how many
and    we can work it our for you!!
If you have any further special party orders that you are looking
for, please give us a call and we will do our best to fulfill your

We may be a small place, but we have been able to prepare
party orders for some of our local businesses at very large
quantities, with a variety of items. We've done party orders for
gyros, fried perch, turkey and our grilled fish items.  Just let me
know what you need and I'll find a way to make it work!  :-)

Our Thanksgiving whole roasted or smoked turkeys were a great
success!  If that is something you are looking to do in the near
future, please give us a call.  With advance notice, it wouldn't be
a problem at all!